1. Baba Yagas, A Place for Women

[04:59 AUDIO]
Baba Yagas, A Place for Women

Baba yaga
Baba Yagas founder Thérèse Clerc (left, 84 years young) with new recruit Odette Menteau (Photo: Alison Hird)

2. Baba Yaga’s House – The Original CBC Article and Audio

17:43 AUDIO]
CBC Sunday Edition. It’s a daring experiment in aging together. David Gutnick’s documentary, Baba Yaga’s House, tells the story of 85 year old feminist Thérèse Clerc, the activist behind France’s first state-funded, self-administered, women-only residence.

Thérèse Clerc, (Photo: David Gutnick / CBC)

3. Baba Yaga House – CBC The Sequel

24:47 AUDIO]
CBC Sunday Edition: Listen to Canadians Janet Torge and Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg talk about Dreams of Radical RestHomes at Baba Yaga House.

A group of aging feminists has re-purposed the fiery witch of Slavic folk tales for their own needs. (Photo: Edward Knapczyk)

4. OpenIDEO – Baba Yaga’s House – Cohousing model for seniors

Cohousing model for seniors started by group of aging feminist activists: The idea is simple. Rather than moving into a seniors home, the women would live together in a large house and take care of one another. No professional staff, like nurses or cooks. They would be free to live as they choose.

This model was created by Thérèse Clerc.

5. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation – Affordable Housing in Canada 

The federal government, through CMHC, provides federal investments under various programs and initiatives to help Canadians in need access affordable, sound and suitable housing